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What to Know About Emergency Dentistry?
There are urgent and non-urgent dental emergencies and you should understand how to distinguish between the two so that you can get the best care at the right time. When you are dealing with an urgent dental emergency, you need to contact a dentist as soon as possible.

Some of the urgent dental emergencies include severe toothache, having a loose tooth or a dental abscess. You may also have an accident where you have your tooth knocked out or a broken tooth. Sometimes there will be a part of the tooth missing due to the accident. When it comes to falls, you can experience cracks or chips in the tooth. You need to contact your local emergency dentist when you experience any of this so that they can rearrange their schedule to provide immediate treatment.

Sometimes, the accident can happen outside the office hours of the dentist. If there is an emergency dentistry division in your local dental clinic, you can call them to see if you can come in right away to seek treatment. The sooner you treat the problem, the faster they can work on the dental issue and you will be able to avoid costly dental restorations in the future.

Non-urgent dental emergencies include having a dull toothache, having a small chip or crack in your tooth or having food lodged in your teeth. Sometimes you may lose a filling, bridge or crown that will need to be rectified. In these emergencies you will be able to wait for some time until an appointment can be booked. Whenever you experience discomfort or any pain in your mouth, it is best to visit a dentist so that you can receive the required treatment.

This will help alleviate the pain and you will be able to prevent permanent damage. A toothache is a common problem that we have all faced at one time or another. This is usually due to food being lodged in teeth. You can try flossing to see if that alleviates the pain and you can also wash your mouth with warm water. You will be able to avoid invasive procedures if you act fast and see a dentist right away.

If you notice that there is an abscess in your gums, you should never pop it at home; it should be drained at the dental clinic. And you can’t wait hoping that the abscess will go away after some time. Some of the treatment options that are available to you are a root canal, root planning, and scaling and tooth extraction. When there is a loose tooth, you can see an emergency dentist to understand what the cause of it is. Some of the common causes are previous tooth loss, receding gums or bone loss.

If you have a knocked tooth due to an accident, you have to take the tooth to the dentist and this has to be done within about 30 minutes of the event. When you pick up the tooth, make sure not to touch the roots to avoid damaging them. You can rinse the tooth gently and put it back in the socket. If this is not possible, you can wrap the tooth in gauze and place it in a container that has milk. The tooth has to be submerged in it.