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What Is the Specialty of The Different Psychology Fields?

Psychology is the scientific study of thinking and behavioural patterns in another person. This subject is a collection of various subfields for treating specific mental conditions. The origin of this practice dates back to the ancient Greece era.Yet, there is modern psychology with advancements and extensions of new fields too. 

It is a charming talent to be able to read a human’s mind and their behaviour! How do these psychologists assess the condition? 

What is Psychology?

Each branch practices a distinct method to cater to their particular issues. Though, all share a general approach to understand the human mind and their habits.With developing methods, two factors remain constant in a psychologist’s career. These two factors are Research and Practice. 

In today’s time, psychology has become the subject of interest. Many young individuals are making a career in a specific field of psychology. Several Universities offer basic level to degree level qualification programs. Furthermore, in today’s digital world, there is no scarcity of resources.

Many renowned institutes and Mental Health Boards offer online psychology professional development workshops.These seminars enhance your knowledge through evidence-based studies. They are not only for beginners but also suitable for experienced psychologists.

Mentioned below are the various sub-field of psychology for you to explore

  • Abnormal Psychology- This branch focuses on the study of unusual behaviour. The mental health experts help assess and treat the disorders. Depression and anxiety are a type of mental disturbance. Therapist and clinical psychologists work straight in this sector.
  • Behavioural Psychology- Have you ever received a gold star for behaving well in the class? Or a reward for performing the best? Here’s why. The teacher often uses this behavioural strategy to change a student’s behaviour in school. This Behaviourism is also known as behavioural psychology. It is a theory based on the concept that one can get a favourable response through conditioning.
  • Clinical Psychology- This team assesses mental illness, disorders, and abnormal behaviours. Often, clinicians work in private, though they are also available in colleges and community centres. Physicians, mental health professionals, and psychiatrists need to have clinical psychology knowledge.
  • Cognitive Psychology- This branch focuses on the well-being of the internal mental state. It is the study of understanding how people think, learn, feel, and remember. The key subjects to discover in this field are; emotions, language, and memory.
  • Comparative Psychology- It is the study of learning animal behaviour. This research leads to intense and broader insights into human psychology.
  • Educational Psychology- these professionals deal with teaching, educational, and student matters. This branch often studies learning patterns. They communicate straight with students, parents, and teachers to analyse responsiveness and progress. Students finding difficulties in studies should consult an educational psychologist. 

The divisions of the sub-field are to focus on and deal with a specific problem. Thus, each branch has a different perspective when solving a case. Psychology is a vast topic, so to state the depth of it can be a challenge. Besides, it takes years of constant learning and practice; to perceive another mind. 

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