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Useful tips for using incontinence products

If you’re dealing with an incontinence issue, you needn’t worry because there are various solutions to effectively deal with this problem. These solutions include self-help exercises, surgical procedures or using specifically designed products. If you, along with your doctor, have decided to use incontinence pads, you have plenty to choose from. These products come in different varieties, shapes and sizes, depending on the incontinence level and the size you’re looking for.

If you’re finding it difficult to choose the right product, it would be best to seek advice from your medical practitioner or from someone you trust. Most people find this to be a sensitive and personal issue. You can also always rely on Confidence Club if you need to Buy Incontinence Pads Australia. This company offers discreet doorstep delivery so that you needn’t travel anywhere to buy these products or carry them back home.

Amongst those with incontinence - every individual has their own unique issue. So it’s important to have access to a wide range of solutions. Some may have a minor incontinence issue while some others may have a major issue! For this reason it’s best for the users to choose from the products that would best fit them. There are various incontinence products easily available. Some of these include incontinence pads and guards, disposable and reusable incontinence underwear and so on.

Tips to buy and use incontinence products

Look for super-absorbent products for night time use: Super absorbent diapers or pads can absorb a larger volume of urine. Most of these products have a superabsorbent core that pulls the moisture away from the skin offering a dry and comfortable feeling that doesn’t disrupt one’s sleep at night. As sleep is essential for the user as well as the caregiver, those who have a greater incontinence issue can make use of these superabsorbent products to be able to sleep soundly at night.

Reusable under pads can be a good backup plan: Leaks might occasionally happen. However, an under pad can act as a barrier and is of great use when it comes to changing the bedding when leaks occur. This would only cause inconvenience for those who are bed ridden. Under pads with ‘flaps’ are mostly preferred as these can be tucked in and stay well in place. Many people make use of under pads on sofas, recliners or even in cars just to avoid any possible leakage. What’s more, the washable type of under pads save money and are relatively cheap!

Remember, recurring leaks are not normal: Leaks that occur overnight should not be happening. But, you needn’t fret because you can make use of the super absorbent pads for night time. But before you pick up any product, ensure the fitting is right. Try to remember the measurements of the hip or waist and opt for the one that would fit best. Many options such as medium, large, XL, XXL are available. As some products might work better than others, it would be better to try out all the products until you find the one that works the best for you!

Booster pads are in popular demand these days: These pads have an extra layer of super absorbent polymer or fluff. They absorb a high amount of liquid and can be used along with a diaper, brief or underwear. The booster pad can be directly put on (for a male user) as an immediate flow blocker. These pads can also be good for overnight use to boost the absorption of briefs.

Incontinence pads work well in cases of stress incontinence: Incontinence pads are available in various forms such as bladder pads, male guards and so on. An incontinence pad is an absorbent pad with an impermeable back sheet that is used inside the underwear. It can be easily changed if needed, as less material is used to make these, as a result they are extremely cost-effective.

Most people prefer to use pull-ups these days, for their convenience. Those bedridden find such products very handy. This is because it’s easy to wear and dispose. To find the best fit, just order them and try them out. If it’s convenient and makes you happy, go ahead and place bulk orders, if there is a need for it. Check out Confidence club for all incontinence related products and pads in Australia. They offer a wide variety of such products.

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