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Types of Women Cancers and Why You Should Get Screened
Cancer has become more prevalent in the past decade compared to the previous ones. It is said that the kind of lifestyle people lead nowadays is one great affecting factor that causes cancer.

Aside from unhealthy lifestyle practices and food choices, there are still a lot of factors that could contribute to the risk of getting cancer – pollution, toxic chemicals, and many more. Awareness and early detection is the best way to combat this disease because the earlier it gets treated, the higher the chances of having a successful treatment.

The types of common cancers vary between genders. There are cancers that are more common on men than women, and vice versa. For women, here are some of the most common cancers you should be aware of.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women. However, despite this fact many women don’t check their breast regularly to see if there are any changes. Breast cancer is curable if it is detected early. Regular checking of the breasts is the only way to catch this disease before it gets worse. When checking, look out for lumps; change in shape or size, or rashes around the breast particularly the nipples. Get it checked by the doctor immediately if you found some of those symptoms. Although not all breast lumps are cancerous, it is better to be sure.

Uterine Cancer

Another common gynaecology cancer among women is uterine cancer. Unlike other cancers, there are circumstances which could lower a woman’s risk of getting this disease. Those women who have been through childbirth are at lower risk of getting uterine cancer compared to those who haven’t had yet. The more children a woman gave birth to, the lower the risk for uterine cancer.

On contrary, women who are overweight and have other reproductive health issues such as PCOS and menopause are at higher risk of getting this disease. Abnormal vaginal bleeding is a common symptom of this cancer. If you’re experiencing any unusual bleeding between periods or after menopause, it is best to get it checked with your doctor.

Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer typically affects women who are already menopause. However, it may affect younger women as well in some cases. There are several factors that could lower your risk of getting this. These are pregnancy, breastfeeding, using oral contraceptives and hysterectomy.

It’s hard to detect this cancer early on because usually, the patient won’t feel any symptoms at all. Aside from that, the symptoms are just like common discomforts such as back pain, tiredness, abdominal or pelvic pain, and bloating. However, if a symptom is caused by ovarian cancer, it is usually more severe than the usual pain you’ve experienced.

Get Screened

Early screening is important to detect these cancers while it’s still at the starting phase. Early detection is a huge factor in the success of any cancer treatment. When started early, the cancer cells have not yet spread much to the other parts of the body, making them easier to isolate and terminate.

With better awareness and early detection, you can help a lot in keeping yourself healthy and cancer-free.

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