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Types of Treatments Related to Sports Injuries

If you are engaged in sports as a professional, it is possible for you to sustain injuries every once in a while. So, it is important to get the right treatment for your injuries. You might get confused when trying to choose the right doctor or a physician to treat you. Here are some common types of professionals you can get help from regarding your sports injuries.

Family physician

This is a primary care physician who is trained in general medicine. The training of a primary physician includes basic orthopaedic diagnosis and treatment. So, such physician is capable of treating injuries such as minor sprains, strains, contusions and overuse injuries. If you have any of above injuries all you need is to get initial treatment and follow-up care from a primary physician.

Primary care sports medicine doctor

A primary care sports medicine doctor means a physician who received training in general medicine and then completed additional training in sports medicine. These types of physicians are capable enough to analyse and treat minor, moderate and severe sports injuries that do not require a surgery. If surgery is needed, this physician will refer the patient to an orthopaedic surgeon.

Orthopaedic surgeon

An orthopaedic surgeon is qualified in both general medicine and orthopaedic surgery. These surgeons treat conditions that can be improved through surgical intervention. They are also capable of diagnosing all sports injuries. However, it is better to seek an orthopaedic surgeon if the athlete has not seen improvements in the condition after initial treatment from a primary physician or if the injury can only be recovered through surgery.

Physical therapist

Physical therapists are specialized in restorative rehabilitation. They can also specialize in geriatric, post-surgical and sports medicine. It is good to seek out a physical therapist specialized in rehabilitating athletes for the athletes who are recovering from sports injuries.

Certified athletic trainer

This is an allied health professional who has been trained in preventing, diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating sports injuries. These professionals are there in high schools, college, university and professional sports so that when an injury occurs, they can provide immediate diagnosis for an athlete.


Cardiologists care specialized in diagnosing and treating conditions and disorders of the heart. An athlete should be referred to a cardiologist if he/she has a family history of heart attack before age of 50 or having symptoms associated with a heart condition.

Massage therapist

Massage therapists do not require a degree but a certification process. They are trained in various massage techniques such as relaxation massage which helps to relax tight muscles or sports massage to loose tight tissues.


Athletes who suffer concussions must be treated and cleared by a neurologist before returned to sport to prevent permanent long-term brain damage.

Apart from these professionals there are podiatrists who specializes in diagnosis, treatment and surgical repair of injuries to the foot and also chiropractors who heal injuries solely by spinal manipulations. So, it is important to choose the right medical treatment for the sustained injury.

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