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The Importance of Oral Health
As you have heard the famous quote, "Peace begins with a smile." As valid as this quote reads, having well oral health can mean to own peaceful life. You must be wondering what this means.

Oral health is more vital than you realize. Here is a scientific perspective to it. Your teeth and gums can impact your overall health and well-being.

Your mouth is an opening point to your digestive and respiratory regions. Therefore, poor oral health can give bacteria easy access to enter the body and cause various diseases. Not only that, but it can also cause several health problems, such as tooth decay, gum problems, and oral cancer.

Oral Health Disease

There are several diseases that start with poor oral care. Below mentioned are a few of them:

·         Endocarditis

It is an infection in the inner wall of the heart valves. It usually occurs when bacteria and germs from the mouth spread through your bloodstream. Hence, it then attaches to your heart, causing endocarditis.

·         Cardiovascular Disease

According to some studies, it suggests that heart disease, strokes, and clogged arteries can be due to oral bacterial infections.

·         Complications in Pregnancy

Poor dental health is connected to low birth weight. It also leads to the premature birth of babies.

·         Pneumonia

The lungs can pull in certain bacteria’s that can cause Pneumonia. A few symptoms are cough with phlegm, fever, and difficulty in breathing.  

There are basic ways to take proper care of oral health at home. However, if the problem needs medical attention, you will have to visit a dentist to cure it. Moreover, there are different dentistry that solely focuses on solving one specific problem.

The Types of Dentistry Are As Follows

·         General Dentist

A general dentist is like a family doctor. They take care of oral health on a regular basis.  

A general dentist will do regular cleaning, advising on proper health-care, and also, take X-rays for examination. They are also responsible for treating tooth-decay, filling a tooth, repairing damaged teeth, or whitening them. 

Moreover, a general dentist also helps and guides you down with the process of choosing braces, mouth guards, and various other treatments

·         Cosmetic Dentistry

This field of dentistry is straightforward by its name. It deals with improving one's teeth, gums, and mouth for an aesthetic appearance. It highly differs from general and preventive dentistry. If you are planning on making a career in cosmetic dentistry Melbourne has great scope. 

·         Periodontists

A periodontist mainly specializes in treating and preventing any problems related to gums. It includes diagnosing and treating extreme pain and inflammation. 

·         Prosthodontist

These experts are responsible for issuing all kinds of oral prostheses. 

Thus, it is used to replace any cracked, chipped, decayed or missing tooth. The artificial teeth instruments include crowns, dentures, veneers, and tooth implants. This treatment is usually done, for a form of cosmetic reason or to cure a traumatic case. In other words, it can be a smile-makeover, as it fixes one's overall dental appearance. 

However, there are various other types of dentistry. Your general dentist will recommend specialists for advanced treatment based on your problem.

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