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Promoting the Well-Being of Employees

Employees are a crucial part of the business and important for the survival of a business. The health and wellbeing of your employees will directly affect the outcome of your business. Looking after the health of the employees should be something that is looked into when carrying out the business. many suffer from either physical stress or mental stress that in turn affects the productivity of the work.

Providing opportunities for health development is something that should belooked into by the employers.

Types of wellbeing

When it comes to the wellbeing of an individual there are mainly three aspects.Putting into place health programs and workplace health assessment services is very helpful to encourage the healthy wellbeing of the employees.

  1. Physical wellbeing- this involves the status of body, maintaining healthy diet, exercising regularly in order to avoid conditions like diabetes, hypertension, heart problems and obesity

Workers who have to sit in front of their desks the entire day, do not involve their body actively which can lead to less physical activity that in return can have gradual adversities on the body which is why maintaining physical health is important

  • Emotional wellbeing- this is the state of being aware of oneself, taking care of oneself and possessing the ability to manage stress. Being emotionally well is also very important as the capability to control and moderate oneself will have direct impact on how we treat the surrounding environment and people. Someone wo easily succumbs to stress would not be able to carry on even simple tasks properly therefore this part of wellbeing has to be paid equal attention
  • Social wellbeing- the ability to interact with others healthily, understanding, coming together to achieve something comes under social wellbeing. It is important to emphasize relationship between individuals to ensure working in peace to achieve the goal. Human beings are social beings and particular in work setting it is necessary to work with others so having a peaceful relationship with co-workers is essential


First would be to address the type of issues, list them all down, hear opinions from your employees.

Design a plan based on the information you have and formulate programs but this should attainable. If you can’t address all aspects start with one, maybe appoint counsellor who can be of help in case the employees need. Put up some games in break room so employees can hang around and interact during break time. And implement your plans.

What can be done

Promote physical health by providing gym membership discounts, arrange a small workout area so employees can engage themselves in it during their break time. Arrange workshops on mental health giving them training and education on mental health issues and Promote relationships between employees by organizing small events where they could participate together. Going out for dinner with your team would also help in building the connection and bond between employees. Provide education on financial matters, help them by giving some tips on budget management, discounts on specific things, benefits. These are some ideas that you can implement.

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