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OBYGYNS: All You Need to Know About Compounding Medicine
It’s the duty of every obstetrician and gynecologist to provide you with specialized medical care during the journey of your pregnancy and birth. There are times when OBYGYN patients often require compounding of medication due to personal reasons such as being unable to take a normal form of tablet of liquid medicine.

While it can take for around five to seven days in general to prepare the compounded and customized form of medication, it is still considered to be a very convenient option. Keep reading as we talk more about compound medication in order to give you a better idea on what it is.

What Is Compound Medication and Why You’ll Need it?

Compound medicine is tailor made medicine with the process of combining and altering certain ingredients in order to tend to the needs of any OBYGYN patients. Treating many pregnancy problems, compound medication is often suggested to patients that are either allergic to certain tablet dyes or cannot swallow and intake normal medicines.

Certain other causes that calls for the need of compounding gynecology medications are if you have side effects from your prescribed medicines, if your first line therapy doesn’t work out, if you have a medical history that requires you to take multiple therapies in one go or even if the medicine you’re required to take is unavailable or in back order.

Understanding the Benefits of Compounding Medication

There are a bunch of benefits that comes with compound medicines for OBYGYN patients. Compound medicine helps attend to your personal medicine intake problems thus providing you with an alternative to carry on with and treat the specific conditions you’re facing as a patient. Your OBYGYN looks for the well-being of your health during and provides you what you need in order to get through the pregnancy safe and sound.

Having the option of compound medicine means that you don’t have to give up on any of the important medicines simply due to the inability to take it. With a solution in hand, you can continue to take the beneficial treatment and therapy, keeping you safe and healthy through your journey. It is however important for you to take the compound medication on your OBYGYNS orders and prescription.

Types of Compounding Forms Available

There are a bunch of compounding form available for you to consume your medicine from incases of setbacks. Some of the most common types of compounding form provided to OBYGYN patients are topical or vaginal gels and ointments, capsules, torches and sublingual drops, transdermal gels or creams or even vaginal and rectal suppositories.

Common Conditions That You Can Compound Medicines for

Some of the common conditions that your OBYGYN would prescribe compound medication are when you face challenges in breastfeeding, hormonal imbalance, nausea and vomiting, migraines and headaches as well as many other commonly faced conditions amidst a pregnancy journey.

Having an idea about compound medication can help you have a better understanding on when you need to take them and how it works when your doctor prescribes it for you.

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