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Importance of Exercises for Seniors
Our physical capabilities tend to decrease as we get older but this effect can be more significant when we don’t prioritise our physical health. This is where regular exercise comes in very useful. In addition to being active, you need to engage in appropriate physical exercise so that it is customised to your capabilities and your fitness goals.

When you carry out regular physical activity such as seniors yoga, walking, gentle movement and other types of exercise, you will be able to maintain your physical strength. This activity can help prevent loss of muscle and bone density that can contribute to many fractures and the risk of falls. Something you can do is focus on strength training exercises so that your balance and flexibility are improved.

This is an essential activity you need to do if you want to maintain your independence. Being able to perform day to day activities can also help your mental health as you do not feel limited or constrained by your body. But to achieve this, you have to put in the time and work so that you keep improving and maintaining your mobility, endurance and coordination. A lot of the time, many seniors tend to experience falls and accidents because of reduced flexibility and strength. And the repercussions of such an accident can lead to them living a more sedentary life where they are not able to perform daily activities. This can affect their confidence and independence.

Being active and engaging in regular exercise allows seniors to manage many chronic conditions

This can also help prevent the development of certain diseases like stroke hypertension, heart disease etc. And with regular exercise you will have an easier time controlling high blood sugar levels that can contribute to type 2 diabetes. The risk for certain types of cancer can also be reduced with regular exercise. If you currently have existing health conditions such as arthritis, you will be able to manage it better with exercise. For example, low-impact exercises are great for alleviating the joint stiffness and pain that can result from arthritis. Your cognitive function will also improve with regular exercise which can help prevent cognitive decline.

It is not just your physical health that will benefit from regular exercise

You will note an improvement in your mental health as well. It is well known that exercise releases endorphins that will keep you happy. And this is a great way of fighting anxiety and depression. Your memory and attention span will also improve with routine exercise and you can keep your mind clear and sharp as a result. You can also go for group exercise classes, yoga classes, walking clubs etc. to be more active and this will give you many opportunities to interact with others. Your social engagement will improve as a result and you will meet so many likeminded individuals. This will create a sense of community, belonging and it can improve your overall quality of life.