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How to Break a Psychological Downward Spiral

When one faces a tragedy or an overwhelming circumstance it is easy to get caught up with it and in effect it could turn our lives upside down, not because of the tragedy itself but because it becomes a precursor for our lives to take a turn for the worse. And this leads for most to have that downward spiral.

Many of us has been trying to keep our lives on track and this actually goes on if only nothing bad ever happened, but for many if something untoward happens, many failed to keep it still and becomes overwhelmed and then it’s back to a downward spiral again where it feels impossible to escape from. So, here’s how to break from it and become liberated from your shackles.

Seek Help from Others

Here is where you should begin if you have trouble in keeping yourself together that in many instances you have already failed to help yourself, you have to seek help from others. That is the only way to help yourself. Consider this parallel in stories, say for example there is a person who fell from a boat and does not how to help himself, he does not know how to swim.

The only option for that person is through getting help from other people and that is it. Even with our mental health, we have to learn to grab on to any lifeline that other can offer to us especially if we cannot help ourselves. We are the only ones who can detect earlier these negative mental health symptoms, thus it is up to us to reach for the help we needed.

Make Self-Helping Behaviours

We also have to treat ourselves as somebody who is deserving to be helped. So, the first people to actually know that we really need help is ourselves, the moment that we realize that we need such help from others is the only time that to others can help us. 

And as they are helping us let us also try to make better with ourselves by adapting self-helping behaviours that actually addresses our mental health problems. These behaviours include, eating healthy, adapting proper lifestyles, being proactive with life, engaging with others, and any positive behaviour that produces positive consequences for our mental states.

Step back from Overthinking

One of the keys take away to keeping a balanced mental state and keeping yourself from spiralling down is to not engage in any anxiety provoking events and behaviours, and one such very common things that we do that provokes anxiety is thru overthinking. Simply put, overthinking causes anxious feelings to arise, which causes us to behave counterproductively which causes negative things to happen in our lives that might cause us to spiral out of control.

Now many would have said that such pattern is too farfetched to happen, but then again it does happen and when it happens people are too helpless in being overwhelmed with their circumstances, so it pays to take a step back from overthinking and just let things be as they are. 

With everything considered one thing remains true, that the only person who can break your fall and the only person who can help yourself is you. That is both the beauty and the bane of our mental state that it can be easily affected by the external environment but it can also be greatly healed by the inner self.