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Finding the Right Sports Physiotherapist – 6 Things to Consider

How do you find a sports physiotherapist that’s worth your time? We’ve run through all the points that’ll help below. Keep reading.


A sports physio can be seen to help you perform better. The majority of them help athletes learn techniques to perform at their best.

Depending on who you’re seeing, the tactics he would use to help you enhance your performance would differ. By doing your research, you’d know which physios help clients perform the most like beasts.

Type of Sports Therapy

The therapist you’re seeing may specialize. He may specialize in treating young athletes instead of adults. If you’re a teen soccer star, seeing someone who’s an expert in paediatric cases is needed.

Speaking of specializations, some therapists may only work with athletes from a certain kind of sport. They’d be experts at their crafts, so they’d be able to help you the most.


What differentiates a good sports physio from an excellent one would be whether he promotes fair play or not. He would adhere to the International Sports Physiotherapy Code of Conduct on doping, as well as other means to ensure that you perform fairly.


As there are so many doctors you could work with, you can narrow them down to only the ones that are superb communicators. A therapist that is a master communicator is needed, as he’d be able to get you to thoroughly speak about what you’re in for. He would be aware of things that may be hindering your path to recovery.

He’d also be able to create a plan to help you perform better, and he would speak to his team to ensure that you’re safe on the field.


Unfortunately, you suffered from a serious sports injury. You’d need a lot of work to get back to how you were. The therapist you’re thinking of working with may not have the proper facilities to get you back to speed. By doing research online, you’d be able to see reviews and make note of this.

Usually, the larger clinics are the most worth your time. They grew due to the services and quality of work they offer. Clinics like Sports Focus Physiotherapy are notorious for their facilities.


Suffering from an injury when you have a game coming up is a major headache. You’d need to get back to how you were as soon as possible. This won’t be possible if your physio is very busy. He wouldn’t be able to schedule you in often, prolonging your path to recovery.

Final Thoughts

Let’s wrap all of the points up. There are quite a few things to keep in mind when finding a sports physio. They would help you find someone that would get you to where you need to be as fast as possible. From the many points discussed, you must find someone that isn’t too busy. There is a difference between being busy and not accessible. If you can’t get sessions frequently, treatment could stretch months longer.

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