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Facts About Tea: Where Does It Come From?

Have you ever purchased a box of tea form your grocery store and ever wondered how it ended up on your shelf? If you do read the packaging of course it would tell you from exactly where it came. However, tea is not the same everywhere, just like multiple countries can produce the same type of food in this case tea leaves there are vast differences between the leaves considering how it is made, where it is grown, the flavours and of course taste.

Tea is one of those types of food that ensures an experience wherever you get it from, that is probably what makes it such an enjoyed beverage. More countries than you might know produce tea so here are some of them, you might be surprised about the varieties there are.

Moroccan blend

If you like green or slightly minty tea the Morocco blend is quite the satisfactory blend. Tea from Morocco definitely needs a couple heaps of sugar in order for it to be enjoyed. The tea custom in North Africa is to usually serve guests three cups of tea in small qualities. The first will always be light and sweet. However, the second is more to taste the blend and the third is strong enough to keep a lasting taste on your tongue. Either way we do recommend trying it whenever you get a chance.

Pakistan blend

Yeah, you probably did not know Pakistan was quite well known for its tea. However, unlike the blend of tea leaves, tea from Pakistan is full of herbs, nuts and bursting with flavour. Tea is usually a noon tradition and consists of a mix of almonds, pistachios, salt, milk, cardamoms, cinnamon and a couple more herbs that are infused together. It sometimes resembles a light pink shade making it quite pleasant to drink. It may be lighter than some of the other blends and is meant to just burst with a taste of herbs and spices.

Australian blend

Australia specializes with high quality black tea that is known to make quite the cup. The tea made from Australian natives includes a dark blend that is considered to be quite strong. It rightfully supposed to be drunk plain or a small amount of sugar can be added, milk may kill the taste and flavour.

Sri Lankan blend

Sri Lanka is probably one of the widely and best-known tea producers in the world. Grown usually in the hill country Sri Lanka tea is infused with strong flavours. There are quite a lot of blends even though it comes from the same country. Sri Lankan tea should be drunk plain but sugar can make it pleasant too. It is the most common beverage in the country and can be found in grocery stores around the world.

Tea is the type of beverage that if tried there are low chances you will not get hooked. Whether ice or hot tea is a best served either way.

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