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Everything about Male Guards

Are you struggling with urinary incontinence, post-prostate surgery issues, or controlling your bladder? There is no reason to worry, as you can easily buy pads to address this issue. And if you are looking for pads for men in Australia, these are easily available! However, if you are planning to buy incontinence products, buy the products approved by NDIS Australia.

Male Guards: Male incontinence products are usually known as male guards. They serve as an excellent solution for bladder leakage. They are shaped well to fit over the male anatomy, to stick inside underwear, and to even absorb the moisture. Some men might feel uncomfortable wearing pull-ups and diapers. Such people can use male guards that can be comfortable, odour-free, and can serve as a discreet option.

They are ideal for men who face issues such as light to moderate urinary incontinence, who experience ‘dribbling’, those who are recovering from surgery, those who are active and move around a lot, and people who wish to wear more breathable options rather than pull-ups or diapers.

Male guards cannot be used by women, those who have heavy incontinence issues or bowel issues, and those who need protection to cover their belly and back

How do Male Guards work?

Since they are shaped well to fit the male anatomy, urinary leakage is blocked as soon as it happens. Tiny beads known as polymers absorb and soak up the moisture and turn it into gel so that it keeps the skin and clothes dry.  Since they only cover your skin, you will not get any skin irritation that protective underwear or diapers with tabs might cause.

Wearing a Male Guard

The first thing to do would be to remove the adhesive strip on the back. Attach the guard to your underwear and place the wide part in front. If you seem to need more protection on one side, you can place the wider part on that particular side.

Features of Male Guards

Thickness: Men’s guards come in different absorbencies and thicknesses. The bulkier the pad would be, the more absorbency it would have. If you need higher absorbency, you can opt for a bulkier guard. A more discreet option would be to opt for a thinner guard. However, men’s guards can be discreet.

Adhesive Backing: All men’s guards feature an adhesive backing that can be attached to the underwear. As they are attached to the underwear, they don’t move and slip off causing leakage.

Leg Gathers: Some male guards feature inner leg cuffs also called leg gathers. These are fabric strips that are placed along with the guard ensuring the liquid stays in the pad.

How to Choose the Right One?

Look at the features that are most important for the unique needs

Figure out the absorbency you need. If you have only occasional leaks, opt for a lighter absorbency guard. For heavier leaks, opt for a pad with higher absorbency.

When you opt for male guards, make sure to opt for the product that goes well with you. It might take some time to find the product with the right fit and usage. However, make sure that you use effective products and of high quality. Buy Pads for men in Australia

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