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Dealing with Eating Disorders: Challenges and Support

There are numerous things one might stress upon as they talk about eating disorders. Of them all, here are a couple of key things to focus on the most.

The Body

As you deal with an eating disorder, it is normal for you to start looking a little ‘different’. There can be quite a few physical changes that you would witness, and have to get used to. However, what’s important is that you keep reminding yourself two things: things aren’t as bad as you think, and whatever that is now, is certainly not permanent. It is also essential to keep in mind that you are not alone in your battles, and that none of these affects you deal with define you in any way.

The Mind

In most cases, it is true that your mind is often affected by the changes and experiences you feel in your body. There could be a hundred things that keep running in your mind as you are faced with something connected with your health, your body, and more or less, your life. Nevertheless, it is essential that a strong mind is one of the greatest contributors towards improvement and recovery.

Surely, it can be tough, even hard to explain the psychological state that you may be in. However, with some support, you certainly should be able to overcome most of these difficulties. Look for a Melbourne based eating disorder psychologist whom you should be able to visit without a hassle, and whose support you could access and rely on to make a change in your life.


Emotions can be a strange thing to deal with, too, at this point. Nevertheless, you needn’t stress if you feel low or negative the whole time. Stressing over why you feel this way will only aggravate the emotions you feel at this point, and also your whole condition. It is not very difficult to seek emotional support. Turn to little things - leisure and recreation, the things you would normally do, that will bring a smile or two and some contentment. This truly can be an achievement.


A lot of people demand for ‘their space’ when in a situation like this. Some private space should certainly be helpful, nevertheless, it is essential that seeking space does not eventually become withdrawal. This can only do loads of damage than any good.

Surrounding oneself with positive energy, pleasant people and things is always a better option. You don’t need to have a ball around you, but as mentioned, anything that will help you feel calm and normal is certainly what you should look forward to.

Family and Friends

If you have a happy bunch of friends and family who are also supportive and would make you feel better even in the smallest way, consider them a blessing! These are the ones you can always stick to, and most importantly, open up to and talk to, even if it’s about your condition and everything connected to it. Great people have their great ways of responding!

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