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A Guide to Dental Bonding

Have you ever looked in the mirror and sighed in frustration about that visible gap when you smile, or have you noticed that your teeth different shades of white due to discoloration? Teeth are one of the first things that people notice about so no one likes a bad first impression.

Unaligned or bad teeth can greatly hinder a person’s self-confidence it perceives how people look at us and therefore good teeth are if prime importance. Unlike back in old days dental issues did not have many solutions, now it’s all one-step away. Dental bonding is one of the many procedures that are ideal for small corrections. Here is how it works.

The procedure involves using a resin material that matches the colour of your existing teeth. This is inserted within the gaps to look as natural as possible. It is a short process and the recovery isn’t too much of a hassle either.

The Advantages of dental bonding


The simplicity of the procedure is what makes it so affordable. Depending on the correction dental bonding saves you from continues dentist visits. It is ideal if you have chipped or cracked teeth and for the closure of small gaps. If you are looking for a place that does dental bonding  Melbourne clinics are equipped to carry out the procedure with ease.

Hides imperfections

As already discussed, the bonding hides all imperfections in your teeth. The procedure can be both carried out on both jaws and is made to look very natural. This type of procedure is ideal if your job depends a lot on appearance. It can help to boost personality and confidence.

Requires only one sitting

Unlike other dental procedure bonding only needs one sitting. It is a short process where the resin material is placed on the affected area and left to dry. A UV light will be held over it so fast drying and then that’s it. You will not need to keep coming back.

How to take care of it

The bonding is made out of hard materials but is still prone to chipping or cracking when pressure is excreted. Biting down on hard food or candy can affect the bonding. Discoloration is also possible if there is excessive smoking or dark liquids constantly in contact with the bonding.

Bonding is not permanent as veneers it can be worn for about 10 years before you will need to come back for it again. Therefore, care is highly necessary to avoid chipping and discoloration. Brush often and avoid biting hard food on the side of the bonding. Habits such as biting down on pens or other hard objects unconsciously can chip or crack the bonding. You will have to be aware of it each time.

However, in conclusion dental bonding is by far one of the easiest ways to cover up teeth regardless of the issue. The procedure is simple but similar to any other dental procedure this toll requires after care.

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