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6 Signs That Indicate You Should Take a Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy is one of the beautiful moments a woman can experience. However, there can be several reasons you want to postpone your pregnancy which may not end up the way you want. Therefore, if you are in doubt you can proceed with a pregnancy test.

Listed below are some signs you must be aware of before you take a pregnancy test.

1. Your period is late

The first and most common sign that indicates you are most likely pregnant is when you miss your period. If you keep track of your period cycle and notice that your period has been delayed by a month, you can go ahead to take a pregnancy test.

On the other hand, your periods can be missed also when you are stressed, due to hormonal changes or your type of diet intake. So, make sure to not confuse yourself.

In addition, you will notice light spotting or bleeding if you are pregnant as well. During such a circumstance, make a note of the colour, texture, and amount of blood flow. Then, you can contact your doctor and do the needful.

2. You experience cramps

Apart from cramps experienced when your periods are round the corner or when you are on your period, you may go through a similar cramp even when you are pregnant.

Therefore, if you get cramps before your period date and do not notice bleeding or comparatively light bleeding, you should opt for a pregnancy test at home or by consulting your doctor.

3. Changes in your bathroom schedule

If you are just a few weeks pregnant, there can be changes in the way you use the bathroom when compared to how you normally use it. This occurs due to hormonal changes causing you tourinate frequently.

Hence, if you want to test at home, you can buy cheap pregnancy strip test today!You can visit your doctor for better clarification.

4. Changes in breast

The hormones estrogen and progesterone are produced more during pregnancy. As a result, your body undergoes several changes to provide support for your baby’s growth.

One such change you would notice is swell and an increase in the size of breasts and nipples. Additionally, your breasts can also be painful and cause discomfort. Even though this too occurs during your menstruation, you can take a pregnancy test and ensure if you have conceived or not.

5. Nausea

If you are in your 2nd or 8th week of pregnancy, there is a high possibility of you experiencing nausea, or in other words morning sickness and vomiting. Although it is specified as the morning, you may feel nauseated during other times of the day as well.

Therefore, if you feel nauseous along with other possible signs of early pregnancy, you can take a test and confirm your suspicion of being pregnant.

6. You forgot to take your birth control pills

Another instance that you need to go for a pregnancy test is when you have missed taking your birth control pills and see a delay in your period at the same time.

This is because a missed birth control pill can increase the chance of pregnancy especially if you are sexually active too.

These are some signs that can help you to clear your doubts regarding an unplanned pregnancy. You may research more details as well as other relevant signs and go ahead with taking the necessary actions.

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