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Like thousands of others living with epilepsy, Steve had uncontrollable seizures.


Your help is urgently needed to raise $50,000 to buy new seizure monitoring equipment to help thousands of people with epilepsy across Adelaide to become "seizure-free".


Epilepsy has had a huge impact on Steve and Karen’s (pictured) life. In the 14 months following Steve Riddle’s first seizure in June 2016, barely a night went by when he didn’t experience multiple seizures. Steve is now seizure-free, and owes it all to the specialist care and 24-hour seizure monitoring he received at Flinders Medical Centre.


“Doctors told us if they hadn’t discovered the cause of the seizures, and if they hadn’t operated, then Steve’s seizures would have become worse and more frequent,” Karen says.


When anti-convulsant medications don’t stop people with epilepsy from experiencing seizures, often the last resort is a week-long stay in Flinders Medical Centre’s seizure monitoring room. Here, patients are connected to an Electroencephalogram (EEG) machine, with electrodes attached to the head to monitor brainwave activity 24-hours- a-day, while specialists seek to pinpoint the source of seizures.


By raising $50,000, a new EEG machine with the latest software and video monitoring equipment can be purchased for the seizure monitoring room to help doctors more accurately diagnose people with epilepsy and suspected-epilepsy, and get them the answers they are desperately seeking.


“When someone is having regular seizures, they can’t drive and often they can’t work because they just don’t know when their next seizure will be, so they’re quite disabled,” FMC Neurologist Dr Joe Frasca says.


“Becoming seizure-free is life-changing, and with access to the latest technology we will be able to more accurately diagnose epilepsy and make a real difference in more people’s lives.” says Dr Joe Frasca.


You can help bring this vital equipment to the Neurology Service at Flinders Medical Centre, so thousands of people living with epilepsy across Adelaide can be more accurately diagnosed.


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