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LIVESTRONG Cancer Research Centre


The LIVESTRONG Cancer Research Centre was launched in April 2012 and houses the work of over 100 medical scientists investigating cancer prevention, early intervention and innovative cures as well as vital research in cancer survivorship. 

“Many cancers can be prevented – that is the message that Flinders researchers and this new Centre is sending the world, ” Professor Graeme Young says.


“We have world leading researchers focussing on the new science of “nutrigenomics” – which is the science of using food and diets tailored to an individual’s genetics and medical conditions to prevent or inhibit cancers.

“We have yet another team investigating how the body responds to low doses of radiation to improve natural cancer prevention mechanisms in the body.

“Another team will be producing a simple blood test for detection of pre-cancerous polyps in the bowel – an approach that will save lives by stopping cancer forming from these polyps. 

“Flinders researchers already lead the way in exploring how best to provide information to patients with cancer and how to support them through their treatment.”

Cancer cells do not become cancer overnight – the process of development involves a latent pre-cancer stage that may take years to progress.  Even when the process is initiated, progression to cancer is neither a fatalistic inevitability nor a certain death-warrant.

It is also not a single disease but rather a number of diseases, each with its own special setting, prognosis and options for control.

This provides a window of opportunity for intervention aimed at halting the process before it becomes clinically apparent and a major burden on the community.


To find out more about the ground-breaking work underway within the new FCIC please visit www.fcic.org.au.


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