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Flinders Foundation believes that the core purpose of our research should be to improve outcomes and care that will have a direct benefit to patients and their families.

Funding will be directed towards initiatives that can demonstrate significant advancements in models of care and outcomes for patients and their families. The Foundation will continue to work with the community and across the health sector to ensure funding is provided where it is needed most.

Our key priority areas are identified below.

If there is a specific area of the hospital or research that you would like to support that is not listed please contact us. We can give you more information on the needs of the area you are interested in supporting.




Each year the Flinders Foundation allocates a series of research grants to medical scientists based within Southern Adelaide Local Health Network. We support ongoing diversity of clinical development within all areas of health, and fund research projects which promote enhanced outcomes for our patients and their families.

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State-wide Eating Disorders Service

Flinders Foundation are working in partnership with the State-wide Eating Disorder Services (SA Health) to facilitate the building of a new ‘state of the art’ community facility within Adelaide.

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Kids and Families

From newborn babies, to young infants and teenagers, all children across SA and NT needing hospital care have access to specialist paediatric services at Flinders Medical Centre. Services include a 33 bed Paediatric Unit, Paediatric Clinic, Paediatric Emergency, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the Child Assessment Team & Protection Service.

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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health issues will impact 1 in 5 Australians throughout their lives. The health inequalities associated with Mental Health generally mean a reduced life expectancy of up to 20 years in comparison to the general population.

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Cancer Research and Patient Care

Flinders Medical Centre wants to make the patient journey for those diagnosed with cancer as comfortable as possible by providing the very best facilities for patients and their families within the new Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer.

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Heart and Cardiac Research Equipment

Cardiac Services at Flinders Medical Centre provides a comprehensive treatment program for patients with cardiovascular disease. The department is widely recognised for their commitment to innovative interventions both in clinical cardiology and cardiac surgery.

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Wards and equipment

Flinders foundation wish to continue our support of ward environment upgrades and clinical unit equipment purchases to enhance our clinical outcomes and patient experiences. Examples of future developments include the enhancement of paediatric clinical wards environments to reduce young patients anxiety and distress, through to the development of outdoor play areas within the Child Protection Unit.

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If you would like to hold your own fundraiser for the Flinders Foundation please visit how to help or contact us for more information.

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